People let me tell you about my
Best Friend....

Roswell was one of the first "Internet Celebrity" cats. Starting in 2006 thousands of people followed the life (and near death) story of a temporarily blind, stray kitten in West Philadelphia as she grew into a loving and forgiving adult with a host of health problems from diabetes to bad teeth to the cancer that finally took her life. Thirteen years of her life are summed up in the vegan cookbook she helped make with her person which her strong desire to be in the middle of things made sure she was an integral part of.

          photobombing a picture of food

Kyle Cassidy is a photographer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who’s the author and/or photographer of a number of
books, including This is What a Librarian Looks Like, Geek Knits, (with Joan of Dark) and War Paint: Tattoo Culture
and the Armed Forces
. He’s currently working on a book about the history of the invention of the payphone,
taking portraits of healthcare workers, getting ready to photograph a brand new knitting book, and cooking a lot. He lives with his wife, actress Jennifer Summerfield (aka Trillian Stars) and their cat, Lady Brack who misses bossing Roswell around.

Easy recipes for lazy cooks.

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